Career Coaching and Counseling

In today’s fast paced world, change is natural and healthy! Every time you take on new challenges or assignments, or you learn new skills, you strengthen your professional abilities and increase your job satisfaction.  Career development is an ongoing process that you orchestrate every time you assess where you are in your work life, as compared to where you want to be, and you take the necessary steps to get you there.

The most important task is to know yourself and to be honest about:

  • The rewards that motivate you most
  • Your deepest work values
  • Your strongest skills
  • Your most passionate business interests

This process can be both daunting and exciting as long as you take the necessary time and steps that will help you understand the many different development opportunities. You are the ultimate decision maker and need to drive your career development. Otherwise your environment and others will drive it for you, which may not be what you had in mind for yourself. 

How much time you take to reflect, define, and acquire new skills will directly impact the success of your career-planning journey.  This is your journey, so make it count. You are worth it!  Let Cobblestone help.

Career Counseling

Career Exploration is an empowering experience. Everyone has ideas about what they want and what they like to do. Some people can focus on moving in a new direction while others need to approach change with caution.

The Cobblestone Group assists clients to discover, explore and figure out these new directions. Since each client is very unique, the actions and pace are very different. In our sessions, we clarify what is most important to each client. We look at and explore:

  • Past experiences and what was learned from them.

  • What to draw from specific experiences to help make decisions and choices to initiate next steps.

  • Interests, skills, abilities, personality types, values, and personal factors which will impact career decision-making.

  • How family, friends, and environment impact desires to move ahead and change.

  • Resume writing is an opportunity to focus and gain clarity about goals and objectives. Resumes must be a reflection of a client's experiences, skills, abilities and accomplishments. We work together to clarify where you have been, what you have done, and most importantly, where you would like to go.

We coach, counsel, teach, and advise. Our sessions are interactive and focused in order to help clients move forward in a timely manner.

Goals are established by the client and together, a plan of action is developed.