On Demand Staffing

Our on demand staffing services provides companies with highly experienced business and technology professionals for immediate contract or contract-to-hire positions.  The Cobblestone Group partners with companies to provide staff during peak times and allows companies to maintain costs during slow business periods.

To succeed in today’s business environment and in the digital world, companies need to have the right talent with the right competencies in the proper roles. This is where Cobblestone can help.  We have a large candidate database of top performers and professionals that allows us to provide your company with the right people for a wide spectrum of a company’s needs.  Our professional recruitment team will work with your company to gain a good understanding of your specific requirements, such as technical skills, communication skills, cultural fit and other characteristics based on what it takes to be effective in your company. We select the best candidates from our pool of talent and present you with a list of candidates to consider.  We enable you to streamline your interviewing and hiring processes knowing that our candidates are thoroughly vetted business and technology professionals who are well qualified  align with your business needs.